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About Me

"She is all to me

Mysterious, alive

The howling in the deep woods

When cold festal stars aligned"

-Cradle Of Filth-

Who’s that harlot with the innocent face and the devilish mind? Please allow me to introduce myself, Fiora Manson; your petite, alternative, kink friendly, pinup punk. I am an independent courtesan hailing from the Nation’s capital (Ottawa, Ontario.) I pride myself in existing within the outskirts of personal expression.

    In appearance, I am slim, toned, and petite, with soft curves, long legs (for my stature), small feet, and smooth pale skin like that of a porcelain doll. I have delicate facial features and big, captivating hazel eyes. My hair is mid length, black, and always changing. I have a large collection of piercings accompanied by a storybook of tattoos. I truly consider myself to be a human canvas, a work of art in progress.

While I am unique and colorful on the outside, I also have a quirky, multi faceted personality.

    I consider myself to be an open minded, mature, worldly young woman with a thirst for knowledge and adventure. I have many thought provoking opinions, values, and beliefs that I passionately share and defend upon request. I do also greatly enjoy light hearted conversations about music, art, cinema, animals, games, you name it! My mind and heart are enamoured by the arts and I enjoy putting my artistic side to good use on my down time in the form of drawing, painting, and writing in particular.

    While I enjoy blowing off steam in the most sweaty, vicious moshpits, I also greatly enjoy more traditional, classic entertainment such as opera, ballet, and orchestras. (I told you I was multi faceted!)


As much as I strive to challenge and develop my mind, I try to attend to my body as well. I have been a monkey since childhood, and can often be found climbing things and hanging upside down! This attribute made me very well suited to gymnastics (both artistic and rhythmic) as well as acrobatics. To this day, I still enjoy the freedom and joy of flying through the air and continue to do so as an aerialist/pole dancer/circus freak!


Whether you are wild and unsettled or reserved and demure, I would love to find connection and common ground with you, in addition to discovering our differences. I take great pleasure in exploring the mind and body and learning of the traits and differences that makes each person unique. The pursuit of a personalized, intimate encounter with each caller I see, is one of the elements of my career that I enjoy most.

    My guarantee to you, dear friend, is a surprisingly wise and down to earth interaction that you will cherish for years to come. I value intense connection, communication, and chemistry. Whether we meet but once, or many times, I greatly look forward to getting to know you on a very personal level. I am open to many kinks and quirks and can’t wait to enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience with you!


With love and lust,

Fiora Manson

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Age: Mid Twenties

Height: 5'3"

Body: Petite, toned

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Mid/Wigs available

Dress Size: XS/O

Shoe Size: 6

Bra Size: 32C

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Tattoos: Many

Piercings: Many

Diet: Plant Based (No meat, eggs, or dairy)

Alcohol: Socially

Drugs: No